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1. High Grade Stainless Steel Mesh Belt
  • Imported high strength & intension belt
  • Fusion welding prevent belt from lose & break
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
2. Stainless Steel Fan
  • Moisture proof and water proof, durable and long running time
  • Inverted motor, suitable for various products
  • Stainless steel air guard and vane
3. Advance Airflow System Design
  • Advance airflow design to average airflow
  • Optional speed, high heat exchange efficiency and low moisture lost
  • Large air return. Low motor power & power saving
  • Arc air guide to airflow system
4. High Quality Runner
  • No pollution for food product & no fuzz
  • High density, durable and long lasting usage
5. Advance Deflection Proof
  • Imported plastic strip sticked on belt plate to ensure the best efficiency running
6. High Quality Evaporator
  • Made of alloy, hot dip galvanized or stainless steel as selection option
  • Epoxy fin to avoid oxidation for aluminum fin
  • Saving defrost water consumption due to epoxy fin
  • Different fin space enhance heat exchange efficiency
  • Shorter defrosting time and longer processing time
  • Reduce the frost due to advance defrosting system
7. Belt Running Inside
  • Complete belt running inside chamber avoid to cold loss or be pollution outside the enclose
8. Insulated Panel
  • Top rank insulated panel with stainless steel twin surface, density of 38 ~ 40kg/m3
  • Access inside and access door equipped with heater
  • Access door heat under the 0 degree Celsius
9. System Linking to Computer
  • able to link to computer for efficiency data monitoring