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Robustly-built with the latest technology
  • Japanese technology.
  • Non-corrosive materials for total safety.
  • Optional of stainless steel internal ice bin or cloned stainless steel ice bin.
  • System Fully controlled automatically by microprocessor.

Unique ice generator design
  • High productivity.
  • Low power consumption.

Fully automatic
  • Microprocessor control unit capable of identifying specific problematic areas and parts.

Lower evaporating temperature

  • Direct contact cooling system at -25% for the fastest freezing time.

Better and faster cooling effect
  • Flake ice has sincerely greater contact area and flows more freely to ensure closer contact to the produce with faster cooling effect.

Customizable installation
  • The Bestworld Flake Ice Machine can be easily installed, whether onto the ground or on board sea vessels which separate components for limited spaces.

  • Generally suitable for maintaining the freshness of aquatic products, fish, meat cuts and mixing/process cooling in chemical plants, and can be applied to all kinds of quick low-temperature needs.